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Name: Class: Tutor: Date of submission: My Best Friend Dominic Character Sketch Dominic is not only my best friend but also my closest cousin. I do not think I would replace him with anyone else. Interestingly, I am named after his father, and we were born in the same year and the same month but though on different dates. We have gone through very many things together, both in good times and during bad times. It is also fascinating to note that we went to the same junior school, passed well in our exams and joined the same high school. However, after high school, we joined different colleges. Dominic knows almost everything about, and I also know quite a lot about him as we are usually open to each other. He is a friend I am very proud to be associated with, and I can bet he feels the same way too. Long live our friendship. One of the main among the very many reasons that Dominic has always remained to be my closest friend is due to the fact that he is an honest guy and someone whom you can trust. I am almost a hundred percent sure that whenever he tells me anything, he is always speaking the truth. Likewise, I am always open to him and have never lied to him apart from instances which I think are obvious in any healthy relationship. When it comes to trust, I must admit that he is even more trustworthy than I am. He means whatever he says and barely even make a lie. His trustworthiness hasn’t gone unrecognized since he has always had leadership positions since we were young. For instance when we in junior school, he was the chairman of the Christian Union as well as an environment captain. As a matter of fact, he is currently the “President” of the college

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