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Annotated Bibliography Name Institution Annotated Bibliography Article 1: 'Caring around the Clock': A new approach to intentional rounding In "‘Caring around the Clock': A new approach to intentional rounding," Marie Hutchings, Paula Ward, and Kerry Bloodworth present the outcomes of a qualitative study to ascertain the value of the ‘caring around the clock' program. In fact, the authors concede that although the program has received support from logical and scientific processes, it faces challenges concerning the need for a cultural shift and education among stakeholders to facilitate its full application and acceptance. Of importance is the fact that the government recognizes that there is a need for all nurses to do hourly rounds in response to the need for improving care outcomes. Using the evidence offered in the article, policy makers, and nurses can refine the ‘caring around the clock' program for increased effectiveness in improving medical care outcomes. Also, such an awareness would guarantee superior general medical care results and efficient use of medical resources. Overall, the article acknowledges that hourly rounding facilitates nurses’ interactions with patients to preempt worsening of medical situations. Thus, the journal article addresses the assessment of ‘caring around the clock’ program, identification of its inadequacies and recommendation of how best to address the weaknesses through education and cultural shift. It becomes evident that the journal article is intent on identifying the best strategies for improving the outcomes of ‘caring around the clock' program and ensuring that maximum benefits are realized to include

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