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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Description of the 20th Century Art, “The-Persistence-Of-Memory,” By Salvador Dali Introduction The artwork, The-Persistence-Of-Memory, By Salvador Dali has been considered a brain teaser, an attack on the rational, or a surrealism art by different personalities who have been amazed by the creativity, originality, depth and value of the painting. The main theme of the quiet image is premised on time, as it mainly features the wall clocks that are melting and flowing off the edges of different objects. People have tried to attach different meanings to Dali’s work with others saying that its main meaning is that time is eternal and ever flowing. Other people have also labeled the theme stating that time is not fixed, but relative. Such group of art admirers has gone ahead to state that the art is true in explaining the reason why to some people, time is faster, and to others, it is slower. Moreover, some people have used time as the art’s major theme because to some people, time does not carry a lot of weight in life, but quietness, tranquility, and personal self-time is the major issue that people should aim to achieve. But the 1921 painting shows the deep connection of the dreams, time, and perceptions of reality. The paint has extended coverage of birth, death, and sexual desire themes that some people can read from its deep message in the meaning. Showing in a sunset scene, it possibly means that another day is gone and people need not worry about it because time is fast melting away. Therefore, it means that in the natural world what people have faith in may turn out to be not real, and at that point, they can challenge

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