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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Writers Choice of Any Four Questions Out of Ten Question 3 Archimedes set out the fundamental principle that has for a long time guided the construction and study of ships. The Archimedes Law declares that a mass submersed in a fluid dislocates liquid equivalent to the load of the mass (Mégel, Jacques and Janis Kliava 739). The only time a ship is at normal upright structure and stable is in dry anchorage; once a ship sets into the waters, several factors act upon the ship that if unstable the ship may capsize. Stability is the capability of a ship to return to its upright condition no matter the number of external and internal factors that continually affect the stability of a ship afloat (Francescutto 34). Equilibrium is a state that a ship can be; for a ship to be declared at steadiness, a ships mass acting centrally towards the center of gravity (Cog) must be equivalent to the thrust force directed at the epicenter of buoyancy. A ship reoccupies the state of equilibrium when external forces are removed or applied as long as the Cog maintains the same point of application below the metacentric length of a ship (Tupper 73). When a ship’s body mass tilts from the center of gravity, the buoyancy center shifts from point B to B1. Upon slight dislocation of the center of buoyancy, the righting lever resumes the ship to the position of equilibrium. A vessel is deemed seafaring if it can resume the state of stability effortlessly when in good condition and after destruction. International maritime organization stipulates the standards that a ship must meet to be seaworthy. A ship deteriorates over

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