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Student: Instructor: Course: Date: Nursing: Article Review When in a position of Masaya’s preceptor, I would model the following leadership skills: flexibility, responsibility, commitment, creativity, feedback, trustworthiness, positivity, motivation and communication. According to (Lachman 1), the level of qualification of employees regarding skills and knowledge is a critical compliance activity which is directly reflected in the output compliance. In this area, employee’s education is deemed vital. As a healthcare practitioner, I work with people from various origins who have diverse perspective about culture, religion and different approach of doing things. Though we work together as nurses with a common goal, it does not simply imply that people are taught the same way. Therefore, we should accept how other people carry out their duties in health care professional; because it is through this that we can learn about others. As such, one may realize that the way other nurses do their things may help to improve my daily practices through incorporating their ideas and techniques. In this case, incivility does not seem to be an issue of concern. According to (Clark et al., 306), some of the key behavior associated with incivility includes; attacking the integrity of a person, making ethical jokes, criticism and rude comments. However, this attributes does not dictate the order of activities or personal conduct. This is because intimidating or hostile interference in the workplace has not been recorded. Civility may take various forms where a manager bullies a nurse, colleagues bullying each other, patient bullying a nurse among others. The coexistence

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