womens suffrage throughout history

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Name Professor Subject Date Women Suffrage over the years Introduction The world believes that women have had to suffer in many ways throughout the years, and there are pieces of evidence to that idea. Although most have had to endure difficult live, history recognizes others more than the rest. This paper will discuss two women Angelou Maya and Anzaldua Gloria, with the sole focus on the things they had to ensure in their lives. It will also explore the differences and parallels in their experiences. Also covered in this paper are two articles authored some of the greatest women writers in the world. They are Quindlen Anna’s "Between the Sexes: A Great Divide"; and Cunningham Amy’s "why women smile." The author will evaluate these by drawing relevant information from and applying it to the lives of Angelou Maya and Anzaldua Gloria. The last part of the paper will give an outlined summary of the two authors’ works and how they relate to the lives of women in the modern day life CITATION NWH16 l 1033 (NWHM). Women’s Smile According to Cunningham Amy, a woman’s smile is fake, but it has a value that encompasses two factors. They include the woman’s personal take of her smile and the societies’ historical view of the smile. In her analysis of the women’s smile, Cunningham referred to the perspective of a psychologist and extensive research; she also used to explain her assertions. It is the two factors that she uses to draw a conclusion that most of the smiles a woman gives do not reflect joy. Being a woman, Cunningham finds it easy to relate to the matter, giving herself as a victim of her views. She explained that not all her brilliant

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