Why was the Equal Rights Amendment defeated?

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Insert name Instructors’ name Course Date Equal Rights Amendment Introduction The struggle for gender equality in the United States commenced in the late 1960s. The majority of women had a belief that many legal gender-based inequities depicted the American constitution. The Constitution only provided for the rights of few white males while women were being treated with regards to English common law and America cultural tradition. The proponents of women rights stated that the constitution did not provide for legal rights for women. Between the year 1972 and 1982, women activists aired their grievances through rallies, picketing, hunger strike, marching, lobbies, petitioning, and civil disobedience. Owing to these grievances, Crystal Eastman and Alice Paul who was the pioneer of National women's party drafted the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). In the year 1923, the proposed amendment was introduced in the Congress for the first time by the National Women Party. In 1970, the House approved the amendment; similarly, the Senate endorsed the changes. It was further submitted to the state legislatures for the ratification. The amendment barely received 35 of the needed 38 states ramifications, leading to its defeat. The paper endeavors to clearly explain the primary reasons that led to the defeat of Equal Rights Amendment. Discussion As mentioned in the introduction, the ERA was an amendment that would provide equality for women in the United States. Its passage in the House of Congress and the Senate was great news for the activists who believed that the American constitution must advocate for equality in the treatment of women. But their happiness was short-lived

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