Why is college so expensive

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Why is college so expensive? Education accounts as one of the largest expenditure of the local government in any country, it accounts to almost 40 percent of the total allotted state expenditure of which the about $386 billion are directed to high education spending per year (Hua 39). This high allocation of the state budget to high education is because the state has identified education as a valuable investment for human capital in different sectors of economic development. As such, the outcomes of education are beneficial to not only the individual but also the society. Consequences of such actions have resulted in high college fee to meet the standards of learning. College education has increased exorbitantly as an attribute of rising cost of living, increase student population and demand for high education. According to Engler (33), the cost of education has hiked compared to previous years with an average student graduate having a student loan debt of $25,000. Students’ loan debt is more than even credit cards as they manage to keep up with the uprising rates of education each year. Engler (33) further claims that today acquiring a degree has become more financially challenging for most American families with a basic salary. This increase in the cost of education has questioned their purposes as most are turning into a lucrative business where students are their customer as such selling at virtually any price. Besides, the increased cost of high education has not indicated reciprocal value in learning outcomes or welfare of teachers in terms of salary increase. The quality of education has continued to

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