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Student name Tutor Course Date What’s Forever For?Forever is just another word that means without an end, everlastingly or eternally. When it comes to love, people say that they want it to be everlasting or forever (Yurchak 2). Nevertheless, I think that the term forever is overrated and it, therefore, remains to be just another word. I am of the opinion that forever is a trap especially for young people and more so, those who are falling-in-love for the first time. Furthermore, I think that forever is subjective. In essence, nobody knows how long it is. It might even be a mere imagination of the human mind and a non-existing phenomena. In addition to this, I don't seem to understand the concept of forever, so it becomes difficult to believe in a theory you cannot comprehend. It is an infinite notion that a finite mind with limitations in the aspect of time to understand. My mind cannot grasp the quantities of an infinite concept. Although there are things that last long until it feels like forever, it is always an abstraction. Just like numbers absolutely nothing in the world can by any standard stay or live forever. Forever, therefore, is meaningless, it is only a hypothesis of the weak and those people who are incredibly optimistic. Hence, forever is just a relative or subjective frame that is used as a reference in life. As Valentine's Day approaches, I would advise people not to put their trust in forever. Forever is a sweet word that has the worst consequences. It lures lovers towards their darkest emotions in any relationship. This is because I have gone through my forever and I am sure that forever is as temporary as today is. It is as brief as my

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