What Video Games Can Teach Us

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What Video Games Can Teach Us Article Summary Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation What Video Games Can Teach Us Article Summary Popular societal belief on the effects of video games on youth has always been seen as negative, including teenage violence strikes and general bad behavior. This popular belief is further strengthened by a variety of studies that appear to support the argument. However, according to James Gee, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, media does not necessarily cause violence or bad behavior. Explaining in his book titled “what video games have to teach us about learning and literacy”, Gee shows us how video games are innocent of almost all of the charges against them. The book also shows us the society can actually benefit from video games. Apart from just introducing children into the world of computers, it also boosts their computer literacy levels. Moreover, Gee is not the only professional holding the same opinion, a growing number of researchers believe that video games have the potential to inspire learning (Sohn, 2004). Through various perspectives, including improvement of concentration, video games inspire learning. Attention-getting games are not only challenging but require intense concentration over a long period of time to finish (Sohn, 2004). The interactive nature of games is what makes this much concentration achievable. Even children who lack concentration in school can spend hours trying to complete a video game. Screen reading where a player is required to read and interpret instructions will also enhance a child’s reading and visualization skills. In conclusion, apart from just learning using video

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