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What is Music? *** University According to Nuttal (2008), music is one of the oldest forms of art. Its beauty depends on the composure and the listener. It gives the idea of eternity from its infinite and limitless qualities. For centuries, people have been listening to different forms of music. Traditional music tends to vary from one culture to another. Currently, several genres of music serve different purposes to the listeners. The man has studied music from various perspectives and come up with a different understanding of music. Also, man has tried so much to simplify music by modifying its structure, pitch, beats, and the manner in which it is consumed. These attempts have also enhanced how people understand and consume music. Therefore, man has been successful in incorporating music to be part of their life. But what exactly is music? Many people have tried to analyze music from various perspectives. This paper is an analysis of music by giving meaning to what music is. According to Nuttall (2008), music has a long history of human civilization and development. Since ancient world, music has always been associated with human development. The humans have perfected the art of music as part and parcel of their lives. As time goes by, the humans have attempted to perfect the art of music to the extent they have developed new genres of music (Ward, Goodman, Irwin, 2014). The humans have loved music to the extent it has been incorporated into several aspects of life. Therefore, music has played important lives in human development and may continue to play a significant role in future human development. Music has a major link to culture. Most researchers have

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