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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Week 3 Discussion Board Part one: Consumer Type The results from the VALS Survey revealed that I am most the Experiencer consumer. My secondary type consumer group was strivers. Experiencers as a group of the consumer are said to be persons that want everything, defy the current mainstream, like the latest fashions, regard themselves as being sociable, love physical activity and have a strong belief on the importance of friendship (Experiencers 1). A striver consumer love fun, are imitative, are reliant on public transport, love video game and have high temporary unemployment. The results are interesting but are accurate to a moderate extent. It is true that I value friendship, love physical activity, am sociable and have a desire to own many things. Before taking this survey, I would have described myself as an informed consumer that only goes for limited things, which are of value. In one question on morality, I answered that religion is not the only way to defining it. This is because morality is based on many tenets such as culture and norms. Part 2: Purchase after Persuasion Persuasion plays an important role when it comes to purchasing decisions. As a young person, I have a liking for electronic products. While on my random visit to the mall, I visited the Apple store and had an interaction with one of the salespersons. She emotionally, confidently and with genuine enthusiasm told me the benefits and superiority of the iPhone over the Android phone. Based this interaction, I was convinced into buying the iPhone 7 smartphone. However, the phone was not very different from the android phone, and I felt being

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