We’d be better off without religion

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Religion has always been a topic of contention has drawn diverse and even conflicting opinions of the nature of the religious convictions. Individuals possess differing perspectives regarding faith and various religious convictions. In the case of any debate regarding the topic, it is expected to find proposers and people of contrary opinions in almost equal measure. That was the case of the debate held at the Methodist Central Hall. The motion of the debate was “We'd be better off without religion.” The debate pitted A. C. Grayling, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens against Roger Scruton, Julia Neuberger, and Nigel Spivey. The groups argued for and against the topic respectively. The debate was moderated by Joan Bakewell. The present paper discusses some of the issues that arose from the debate. Q1 The proposers won the debate. The side arguing for the motion gave several reasons as to why the religion has caused the various problems that people encounter everyday. Though the proposers argued that religion is not the only cause of troubles being experienced in the world they gave strong evidence as to why religion has exacerbated the problems leading to a world of conflicts. The panelists for the motion were also able to demonstrate that even though scientific processes lead to empirical and tangible evidence religion has always opposed science. Another point that made the proposers’ case stronger is the argument that individuals tend to make irrational decisions and may be willing to kill in the name of religion. Q2 Nigel Spivey is the panelist who made the strongest argument for spirituality. The panelist’s claim that human beings are hard-wired to

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