Water sports are a high endurance rated sport, so why isn’t water sports promoted in high school like football and basketball.

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Water Sports in High School Sports in high school are of various types and are intended to promote good social relations among the students within the school and other schools. The activities performed in high school sports involve the great use of physical exertion and skills as students, or a team competes. Water sports is one the activities practiced in various high schools although it receives less promotion and consideration among the stakeholders involved in curricular. Unlike many other sports, water sports is described as high endurance sports as it implies a lot of energy, rigorous physical activities and appears to be challenging to many participants (Kathie N.pag). Some of the various reasons as to why the water sports is given less importance include the unavailability of facilities needed for the games, high risks, high costs, lack of skills, professional trainers and a small interest in the activity by most of the people. Water sports are fascinating as they are done in various water bodies in which the participants through the physical activity competes in a challenging yet enjoyable manner. Different people prefer different water bodies such as calm and blue water while others find it fun where the waters are turbulent and rolling. This diversity thus classifies water sports as one of the ideal activity in high school sports. Most people described water sports as adventurous and filled with a lot of fun. This action packed and exciting activity facilitates mental stimulation and physical exertion. Currently, there are numerous types of water sports in which an institution of learning could adopt

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