Was the first Reconstruction as discussed in Chapter Sixteen effective?

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Part One: Was the first Reconstruction as discussed in Chapter Sixteen effective? Why or Why not? Yes. The first Reconstruction was effective as depicted in chapter sixteen. Its primary aim was to terminate the prevalence of slave trade. Malcolm X’s argument strived to bring about equality among the Americans and Africa-Americans in the U.S. The first Reconstruction was, in fact, against the oppression and dehumanization of black folk. The discussion was effective because it addressed the in-depth scope of Reconstruction. In addition, its influence is also notable due to the eradication of the institution of the slave trade. As it delved into the inhumane nature of Jim Crow’s system of discrimination, the discussion attempted to showcase the effects of slavery among African-Americans. Individuals also understood the scope of racial inequality and its effects on the nation’s overall progress. An integration of The Civil War; reiterates Malcolm’s negative sentiments apropos slavery as a form of trade in the U.S. The war was a retaliation of Americans after the Southerners subjected numerous African-Americans to slave trade and oppression. It is also important to understand the oppressed nature of black folk outside the institution of slavery. In addition to experiencing hardships as slaves, the discussion castigates police brutality, as a way of upholding the rights of blacks. Spreading these ideologies ascertained the effectiveness of this discussion about the first Reconstruction. Through Malcolm X’s assessment, individuals manage to understand the relationship between The Civil War and slavery. The debate about perpetration of slavery in the U.S., therefore,

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