Vocabulary Development in Young Children

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Vocabulary Development in Young Children Student’s Name Institution Date Ways to increase the vocabulary of a toddler Developmental psychologists identified vocabulary development among toddlers as a difficult skill that requires evidence-based tactics to accomplish (Wasik & Iannone‐Campbell, 2012). Toddlers surrounded by a language-rich environment are likely to acquire new and more vocabularies as they grow. According to Wasik & Iannone‐Campbell (2012), having frequent conversations with a young child increases his/her vocabulary knowledge. During the conversation, the parent or the guardian must use different words each session. However, when introducing a new word, the parent or guardian ought to not only repeat the word over and over but also elaborate the meaning of the unique word. Another approach that can be utilized is labeling/naming accomplish (Wasik & Iannone‐Campbell, 2012). A toddler interacts with very many new things in their environment. When the child points at anything; be it an animal, an object, or a plant, the parent needs to identify whatever it is by name and give any necessary description. For example, a child points at a uniformed police officer in town, the parent can say "that is a police officer, they always dress in blue uniforms, and they are in charge of security." Reading to young babies increases their vocabulary and literacy skills (Whorrall & Cabell, 2016). During the reading process, point out pictures and the respective names, if possible relate the images to real-life situations. Read out unique phrases or words and make the toddler repeat after you. Asking questions makes the session

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