Urinary Analysis Lab Report

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URINARY ANALYSIS LAB REPORT Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City (State) Date Abstract The paper investigates the effect of physical exercising water and coffee intake on the concentration of urine and the amount and frequency of producing the same. A lab exercise was used to determine the effects discussed in this report. This paper falls under various sections which highlight essential points that form the component of the essay. At the introduction, the article emphasizes the importance of carrying out the exercise to medical practitioners. Also underlined in the document are the methods used to carry out the lab exercise which produced the results discussed. The other essential component of the essay is the result section and the discussion part. At the reviewed, the piece gives an in-depth look at the findings and relates the same with the existing literature to buck up the claims made after the exercise. The paper then concludes with a stand that the three factors affect the frequency and amount of urine produced. Keywords: Kidney, Urine, Lab Test. Introduction Known in the professional term as AU, urine analysis also referred to as urinalysis is a test of the urine in the laboratory to establish if an individual suffers from a given condition. The test exposes the urine to some chemicals to evaluate the result. Also done in urinalysis is a microscopic exam to establish the abnormalities. A urine analysis reveals defects such as an increase in its production, an upsurge in urinal frequency, the existence of strain in the urine or any abnormal coloring in the urine. The results from urinalysis give a rough estimation of

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