Understanding Evidence-Based Clinical Practice

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NURSING Student Name: Professor: Course: Submission Date: Introduction The evidence-based practice comprises of systematic reviews, best practice, randomized based control trials or clinical guidelines of practice aimed at performing decision making in the various obligations found in the healthcare settings. They are succinct in the provision of the critical clinical decisions and healthcare scientific evidence. This may include the patient’s view(s) skewed towards offering quality healthcare services to cater for the needs, interests as well as the selection of choice to savage a given situation ("How to critically appraise a clinical practice guideline," 2011). The paper utilizes the enlisted questions mainly from the NCBI database to provide the guideline relating to module 1 selected topic. It goes ahead to providing a rapid appraisal of the guidelines through responding to the set inquiries. All this pursuit aimed at enhancing the understandings of the evidence-based clinical practice in the healthcare. Data Base: The guidelines were generated from the National Center for Biotechnology Information(NCBI) website articles. Guidelines developers The guideline was executed by a team of well-trained healthcare professionals. For instance, medical specialists, doctors, nurses, researchers and other health caseworker’s. The team offered a succinct guide to the best practice, a robust background whereby the clinical decisions were established and applied as possible avenues, through which the clinical practice was realized. They worked towards offering the participants with equal chances to tap skills which are important in ensuring healthcare guidelines

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