Understanding Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

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Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines Guideline developers. The guideline in question addresses the management of pain among the elderly. Many authors played a part in the development of the guideline. Among them include Aza Abdulla, Margaret Bone, Jean Gaffin, Nicolas Adams, Alison Elliott, Roger Knaggs, Derek Jones, Liz Sampson, Denis Martin, and Pat Schofield (Abdulla et al., 2013). Were the developers of the guideline representative of key stakeholders in this specialty? These authors played as representatives for the British Geriatric Society and the British Pain Society. Through collaboration, the two societies and the highlighted authors produced a detailed pain management guideline (Abdulla et al., 2013). Who funded the guideline development? The research bringing out the guideline did not receive any grants from funding organizations in the commercial, non-profit making institutions, and neither from those in public (Abdulla et al., 2013). Were any of the guideline developers funded researchers of the reviewed studies? No. Did the team have a valid development strategy? Yes. The team aimed at providing a review concerning pain management among the elderly to provide recommendations for health professionals looking after them in hospital settings. In particular, their strategy emphasized the importance of multimodal approaches in pain management among the elderly persons (Abdulla et al., 2013). Was an explicit (how decisions were made), sensible, and impartial process used to identify, select, and combine evidence? Yes, the decisions were

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