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Marketing Name Institution Name Q1a.Pricing Structure Of Grab And Uber In Comparison To Other Ride Hailing Apps In the Us, China Or Europe Comparing the pricing structure of uber and grab with other ride-hailing apps in China among them the traditional didi and Quaid is , One could be perfectly right to say that Uber and Grab offers the most affordable and friendly ride cost due to their flexibility and strategic carpool services they offer (Wirtz, & Tang,2016). After the launch of Uber in Chinas’ three major cities namely; Guangzhou, Shangai and Shenzen, Uber introduced a cut-price offer to those who had cleared their background checks, and this made it's more popular attracting many potential customers (Wirtz, & Tang,2016).By 2015 the two local companies that are kuaidi and didi made a merger that brought them in market making the most profit out of this, and it remains China s best tax hailing company has its covers more than 400 Chinese cities while uber concentrate in Chinese capital cities. Didi's merger changed their pricing strategy by aiming at the private car-hailing market this prompting them to spend less on taxi car subsidies resulting to increased subsidies in privates car trips.On the other hand, Uber earns a quarter of passengers fare leaving three quarters to the driver as uber doesn't own the car nor employ their drivers thus keeping the cost reduced (Lee, 2017). Grab, and uber pays the fare for many passengers as per rides insinuating that on many trips these companies lose some amount of money resulting to a blame game between the sides merger group and the uber-company over the subsidies that has become a trend in the

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