Truman doctrine

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Truman doctrine The Truman doctrine was an original announcement of American cold war policy that was prepared by President Harry Truman and released on 12 March 1947. It is contended by many that the immediate cause of the Truman doctrine was the declaration made by the British authority February 1947. Notably, Truman doctrine was particularly a response to the political as well as social disorder that was taking place in Greece and Turkey. It is important to note that the timing of the Truman declaration concurred with the Conference of Foreign Ministers meeting in Moscow. Therefore, the essence of the statement was to offer economic as well as military assistance to the countries that were threatened by communism, particularly Greece and Turkey. In February 1947, Ernest Bevin, who was then the minister for foreign affairs in Britain, declared the cessation of their military and economic support for Greece and Turkey. At the same time, the Greek communists were involved in an acrimonious brawl against the reactionary regime. Therefore, President Truman feared that if the communists were successful they might align Athens with Moscow consequently giving Stalin entree to the Mediterranean (Tindall and Shi 1004). Notably, Marshall Tito, of Yugoslavia, was offering assistance for the rebels and none to the Soviets. It is important to note that Tito’s rejection to call back his advisers from Greece was one of the factors that influenced his expulsion from the communist information bureau in July 1949. Additionally, many historians have argued that the Truman doctrine was an attempt to influence the American public opinion in the

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