Transgender Discrimination

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Transgender Discrimination The term transgender is used to describe persons who exhibit a different sex from that which they were born with. They feel different on the inside. These people realize this in the span of their lives. They decide to live in accordance to the gender that they have always had knowledge as theirs and transition to live as that particular gender. The paper aims at looking at the definition of transgender discrimination, its current state, the social and personal impact that is associated with discrimination, laws and statues that ensure they are protected from discrimination and some projects and initiatives that protect the individuals supporting their self-esteem and social integration. The transgender persons experience discrimination as a result of their expression of gender and identity and also their sexual orientation. Gender identity is that inner sense feeling of being female or male while expression of gender represents the behavior or mannerisms and characteristics such as; the way people talk, appearance and manner of dressing. Current state The transgender in America are facing a special moment which has great impact historically. There are the increased visibility and a change in public opinions which are making the effort to provide the transgender people with greater protections legally than has been witnessed before (Emilia, 70). However, while this is being experienced a great number of the transgender people especially the transgender women and those transgender people of color are still facing many barriers to their wellbeing, their health and their safety. Currently, one is recognized as transgender if they obtain a birth

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