Tracking Positive and Negative Emotions

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Tracking Positive and Negative Emotions Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Tracking positive and negative emotions Individuals use emotions to express themselves as such it a way of relating to life. The expression of emotions occurs in two opposite ways that are positive and negative emotions. The act or intention of inclusion can be regarded as positive emotion while the intention of exclusion is the negative emotion. The depiction of negative emotion is characterized by the fear of the future unknown thus one destroys the threat hence one destroys the others by strengthening his or her position without any regard to the others position. Negative emotion exists in the form of fear, anxiety, and feeling of shame, regret, being hostile, resentment and anger. On the other hand, positive emotions involve taking everything into consideration where one interacts with others and enjoys in his attempt to make things better. Positive emotions are depicted in the form of joy, laughter, curiosity, enthusiasm, feeling of empathy and interest. Tracking Period I developed a four-day tracking period of the existing different emotions that I was experiencing throughout the day period as I had been instructed. I tracked my emotional experiences in the four days and found that I experienced more of positive emotions than the negative emotions. Although I did have negative emotions too, I found out how easily the emotions were overmatched by my positive emotions during the day. Moreover, it came to my realization that during the four days, I began the day more on a positive note. However, as the day progressed there arose incidences where the negative emotions

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