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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date The Modern Parenting Challenge on Teenagers’ Exposure to Technology and the Internet Summary The subject of parenting of teenagers has always involved issues around all dimensions of life. Considerably, a particular interest in the fate of the teenagers concerning their interaction with the internet. A lot of cries have been made about the kind of exposure and threats the groups of emotionally excited youngsters are facing while interacting on the internet (Leung and Lee 124). The internet holds millions of opportunities for the youngster in the form of learning, socializing and building networks among others. However, the imminent threats involving cyberbullying and exposure to pornographic contents represents big worries to parents (Przybylski and Nash 217). The shortcomings of the technology and the internet amount to the ultimate dilemma on the right channel to facilitate a safe and secure usage of the internet by the teenagers. It is agonizing for any parent to contemplate the fact that their children are embroiled in internet associated messes while in a critical stage of their lives (Livingstone and Helsper 587; McQueen 2). A lot of research studies have been done focusing on the consequence of technology and the internet on modern parenting of teenagers. It has been found that it is almost impossible to actively monitor and control the level of exposure of the teenagers in technology and the internet (Subrahmanyam and Greenfield 129). Additionally, the society as a unit has a responsibility which it has eventually failed to fulfill at the expense of greed and hunger for money. The dilemma of modern parenting of

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