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CRITICAL DISCUSSION OF APPLICATION OF TAYLOR’S PRINCIPLES Name: Class: Name of school: City: State: Date: Introduction In the world of work, there have been efforts of seeking organization such that there can be a maximum production with high efficiency. Among the entities that influence the set up of work, the principles of Taylor have been on the front line. There has been much organization of work in agreement with Taylorian principles in a bid to gain maximally. On the same note, personnel departments and academics keep themselves busy with tasks such as training and adjustment of the workforce. In this paper, there is a critical discussion of how there has been the organization of work following the principles of Taylor. There are deliberations of the tasks with which personnel departments and the academics busy themselves. There is the analysis of how Taylorism dominates the production world. The principles There is much organization of work in line with the principles of Taylor. This statement may not make sense to a person who does not recognize Taylor himself. Taylor was a mechanical engineer in America. In the peak of his career, he sought to bring efficiency in the industrial world, (Kai-Ping, Jane, Sheng & Mei-Ju, 2013, 79). Taylor was among the earliest management consultants who worked hard to achieve sanity in the world of work. Putting his efforts together, Taylor came up with a useful book which has been in use in the industrial world, famously known as the principles of scientific management. It is those principles of scientific management which managers in workplaces have sought to align to, in a bid to ensure efficiency in the

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