To what extent do the differences of the different cultures can affect the emotion expressions

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Emotional Expressions Student’s Name Institution Date Abstract The United States and Russia have different modes of expressing emotions. Certain expressions such as smiling and laughing are used by all cultures. People use expressions to show how they feel about different things like events, guests, families, and strangers. Nonetheless, culture dictates the extent used by people to express emotion based on the status of the nation, history, and beliefs. For instance, Russians are not supposed to smile without a specific reason. In contrast, Americans often smile to exhibit warmness and politeness. While some cultures use smiling to show empathy in case of trouble, it is a sign of a heartless person in others. People from other nations believe that Russians are not supposed to smile for no reason while the Americans can smile at any time. The view is derived from stereotypes, press, and themes in cinema that depicts Russian characters with serious faces. It is, therefore, essential to understand different cultures to prevent stereotypes and misunderstanding about specific cultures. Emotion Expressions Introduction Countries have diverse cultures regarding their interpersonal skills. These interpersonal skills are vital because they enhance and maintain effective communication. The interpersonal skills involve nonverbal communication such as facial expression and body language. For instance, smiling is exhibited by all cultures but has different meanings to people depending on their culture. Most people laugh and smile, but the extent of such emotional expressions is determined by the values and beliefs held by their respective communities. In America, smiling

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