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How to gain customers in German for YFMIT Thesis Proposal First Reader: Dr. Asta Helsper-Balciunaite 0854917 Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0 INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc508411513 h 31.1 Company Background Information PAGEREF _Toc508411514 h 41.2 Problem definition PAGEREF _Toc508411515 h 42.0 THEORETICAL FOUNDATION PAGEREF _Toc508411516 h 83.0 METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc508411517 h 113.1 Research approach PAGEREF _Toc508411518 h 113.2 Data collection PAGEREF _Toc508411519 h 123.3 Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc508411520 h 12Relevance table PAGEREF _Toc508411521 h 13References PAGEREF _Toc508411522 h 19 1.0 INTRODUCTION In any company, there is always a need of retaining customers and gaining new ones; which is mostly an objective to many of them. This makes the company grow. There is a number of issues that a company needs to look into in order to achieve such an objective. The topic, ‘how to gain and retain customers' is an interesting topic to look at in an organization. It helps one in studying the strategies that a company has to put in place to emerge victorious in any market. The main problem that company befalls many companies is on how to gain new customers while at the same time maintain the ones they already have. This is the motivation behind the choice of this thesis proposal. The organization can employ business information systems and technology to advance positive social change through the implementation of a corporate structure including the use of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. The organization should ensure that there is transparency. The organization should also try to remain competitive for a long time. The

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