Theory of Knowledge

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Student’s Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Name: Date: Theory of Knowledge: Understanding Memory Abstract The Theory of Knowledge explains how people acquire knowledge by considering what it entails in the differing knowledge claims. Understanding how people gain knowledge and recall requires a deep examination of the different ways in which information is acquired, processed and then retained. In essence, the ability to memorize a concept or an event depends on different aspects of knowledge. Essentially, memory is employed to enhance the knowledge acquired, which means it is not the primary way of knowledge- there are other ways that are used to provide individuals with initial knowledge and, thereafter, employ the concept of memory. Based on this assertion, this paper tries to explain the concept of memory by examining the dynamics involved in a person’s ability to remember past events. The paper argues for and against the fact that the process of learning is integral in memorizing past events by providing insights into the two sides of the assertion. Key Words: Theory of Knowledge, Memory, Learning Introduction Understanding the human brain is not easy, especially when it comes to the storing and processing of information. Ideally, people encounter events and come across information on a daily basis. However, it is hard to understand how people tend to remember some part of the information they come across while forgetting the rest of other information on a daily basis. According to Paul Reber, a Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University, and his associates (Elizabeth Buffalo and Larry Squire), there is no limit to the

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