Theories of International Relations

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Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Theories of International Relations International Relations is a significant area of study in Political Science. It integrates many theoretical approaches and borrows from a wide range of related disciplines such as law and governance. Veteran scholars have locked horns in making various postulates about the subject. Whereas some of the theories are universally accepted, others faced contentions and challenged from different perspectives, Marxist scholars, feminist and post-colonial have had a critique of international relations demonstration of the behavior of the state mostly concerned with power and state construction. The theories of international relations expound on the working of global systems. Conventional approaches include liberalism, realism, and constructivism. Theories of international relations are hypothesized from the idea of national interests. Apparently, Individual nations profess certain reservations in respect of how they relate to other states. Governments will always seek self-preservation in the search for social or economic prosperity. In the view of economic benefit, especially trade, countries will always strive to outdo their close allies. There is an apparent need for countries to lead in global markets as a way of seeking international recognition. The military equally at the heart of international relations and is a measure of the might of a state. Often, Nations appear to diametrically conflicting interests that are only reconcilable through extensive negotiations and at times, war. Realism The theory postulates that states are keen on outdoing one another regarding power.

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