The US Army Religious Affairs Specialist

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The US Army Religious Affairs Specialist Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation The US Army Religious Affairs Specialist The tactical component of the Religious Affairs Specialist in the American army is essential, but it is not the single most important thing that many people consider to be necessary for the military to succeed in its mandate. Furthermore, some individuals have never set foot in a tactical environment. However, the tactical component of the religious affairs specialist allows soldiers who are deployed in the battlefield to have adequate resources needed to fight, and also in times of adversity when they face mental challenges or spiritual upsets. This paper highlights the challenges found within this component and the pros and cons associated with it. Moreover, the writer’s perspective on the name change from Chaplain Assistant to Religious Affairs Specialist is described in detail. The United States Army is the chief land force that is well trained and equipped to carry out rapid and continued military operations on land. It swiftly deploys troop any time, in any location, against any enemy, and must operate for lengthy periods across different operations. The chaplain position was established to support the free exercise of religion among the soldiers. The Religious Affairs Specialist must, therefore, be able to operate within the environment where the army operates, and in settings that are fluid and uncertain. The religious specialist has a duty to sustain the troops during a military operation, in the combat field, during peacetime, and during the act of decisive action in support of civil authorities. Furthermore, these persons also

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