The U.S Coast Guard Scholarship

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The U.S Coast Guard Scholarship The choices one makes turn out to be the definition of who that person is. Sometimes, it is best if someone takes his or her own path despite the fact that they will solely rely on their instincts for guidance. I do not mean to say that other people’s opinions are irrelevant. As much as listening to other people’s ideas broadens one’s scope of understanding, there comes a time when drawing a line is necessary. After all, it is an individual’s life that is in question. It goes without saying that parents have their children’s interest at heart; however, what most of them fail to comprehend is that their kids have different passions, whether inborn or developed through experience. Identifying and nurturing one’s dream is a personal effort that even the most loving parents cannot manage. My career choice to join the United States Coast Guard is a personal decision that has surpassed all the cons thrown right in my face. Listening to a story about someone who has grown up in the ghetto is one thing. Actually growing up in the ghettos is an entirely different thing. I have spent nineteen of my years in the hood; therefore when I speak of insecurity I have an idea of what it means. Carjacking, drug abuse, rape cases- all are the order of the day in the ghetto. Unfortunately, my brothers seem to be living their lives as members of the gangs endangering the community. It is so sad to see most youths destroy their lives with drug and substance abuse. Who can be proud to be associated with a violent community? I am ashamed of my community. Joining the Coast Guard, therefore, means that keeping my community and others safe from the

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