The Suffocation Model: Why Marriage in America Is Becoming an All-or-Nothing Institution

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The main idea of the article by Finkel is about the concept of the institution of marriage. The concept of the American Marriage has been changing over the years. The whole concept of American marriage on whether it is better today or is far much worse than it used to be is a matter that raises a lot of questions. Currently, marriage has tremendously declined with high levels of divorce reflecting a lack of commitment as well as the decline of moral character that has caused more harm to the kids, adults and society in general. According to Finkel (2015), marriage has undergone higher disruptive changes like divorce rate; such developments are signs that institutions have to respect personal autonomy, particularly for women. The harm by these lights would have been for the relationship to remain as confining as it was like half a century ago (Finkel, 2015). Marriage over time has increasingly turned into an “all or nothing” phrase; this conclusion has challenged both controversial opposition between marital resilience and marital decline, but it also some implication for policy makers to deal with marriage institution and also for an American who is seeking to strengthen their relationship. To have a better understanding of marriage in today’s living is critical to analyze how we got to where we are now. In the American history, it has undergone three distinct models of marriage like the era of institutional marriages. The prevalence of one’s farming household meant that the critical need that Americans had moved around things like the shelter and protection from violence. Americans were more pleased if they had an experience of emotional attachment with their

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