The Stereotyping of Latinos in Media

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Introduction Stereotyping is a situation where an individual or a group of individuals are portrayed using a certain image showing their characters. There are several stereotypes that the media has shown concerning the lives of the Latinos. Most of these stereotypes are shown in the films and movies that the Latinos act. The media usually show that the Latinos are very poor in the pronunciation of some of the words and this is mostly displayed in most of the movies that they act with some of the other Americans (Nagi np). And also most of these movies in which they act, the parts that majorly show that the Latinos are in most cases involved in the criminal cases such as being a thug or a robber. These traits are mostly portrayed in Latinos men. On the same note, the plays that are displayed in the media only indicate that the Latino females are lovers of sex and they appear as cheap ladies who are used for sex (Nagi np). On the other hand, the Latinos are indicated as those who are very obnoxious and loud. Through this trait, they are viewed as people who are unbearable and un-accommodative among the Americans. The historic information of the Latinos is frequently being displayed in the media, for instance, they are shown as an immigrant in most of the films that they act and that is just an indication that they are not original Americans. The Latinos being immigrants are also shown when the media flashback the life back home of most Americans. There are some types of food that the Latinos are showing in the media to like so much, for instance, rice and bean. And there is also a perception that the Latinos have

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