The Silver Blaze

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Student’s Name Institution Course Date The Silver Blaze The art of reasoning varies from one person to another depending on various factors. These factors influence the way of thinking by individuals. For instance, the manner in which people reason during a mob justice incident may vary compared to cases whereby the same challenge meets a person alone. In the story titled “Silver Blaze," Sherlock Holmes explains to Watson that most people depend on unsupported assumptions and opinions. In addition, he asserts that it is difficult to differentiate hearsay and facts. In this regard, Holmes tried to explain the reasoning behind some of the ideas and activities that people engage in. Moreover, he wanted Walton to understand the need to have proof before reasoning. Legitimate proof makes it easy for people to justify their actions. A smart person must say or act sensibly. Holmes further explains the value of imagination. He asserts that people imagine what happened based on supposition to justify themselves (Doyle 7). In a court of law, reasoning is supported by facts in order to have a reasonable conclusion. The same case applies to science whereby a scientist who alleges a particular scenario must be prepared to explain the reasoning behind the idea. If not, a theory that is supported by reasonable ideas that can convince a man of average intelligence can be adduced. A personal experience regarding such a situation happened two years ago during one of my friend’s birthday party. My friends and I had planned to travel to the beach to celebrate the birthday. However, a few hours before we embarked for the short trip to the beach, one of my friends called me

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