The Republic of Plato

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The Republic of PlatoStudent’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract In Plato’s political-philosophical book, The Republic of Plato explains various concepts including justice and social class that define people’s view on politics. Socrates investigates to determine whether justice or injustice can make a person happier. According to Socrates, justice is one of the essential virtues of human beings and thus his explanation of justice relates to the human soul. In the Republic, there are five proofs of why people should be just. The first proof is the analogy between physical and psychological health found in Book Four. Socrates also provides the “three proofs” in Books Eight and Nine. The last proof is the human body, which consists of reason, spirit, and appetite. Plato describes the arguments about justice through his teacher Socrates in the book. The most crucial question found in the book is, what is justice? The book refutes every description provided by other people, but Socrates fails to provide his definition. The discussion ended in aporia, a deadlock. Keywords: Philosophical, Political, Republic, Justice Republic of Plato The book described the events that took place in Polemarchus’ house. According to Cephalus, justice meant people being honest and living to their legal obligations (Adam, 1902). However, Socrates criticizes the argument by offering a counterexample of returning a weapon to a madman. Cephalus excused himself from the discussion and his son, Polemarchus takes over the argument. According to Polemarchus, justice meant helping ones’ friends and harming his or her enemies. The argument meant that people should be

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