The perks of being a wallflower

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“The perks of being a wallflower” presents the life of a young man Charlie who’s a freshman and undergoing a lot of issues in life. His personality is greatly influenced by his past psychological background which helps us understand what he is going through. Charlie has suffered abuse in the past inflicted by a close person to, an experience that is reignited when he gets cozy with Sam. One reviewer of the movie on, Amy infers that Charlie exhibits symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and social anxiety maybe due to his childhood experience that he tries to block but then again they memories come crushing him down later with the sexual encounter with Sam. However, Charlie is naturally shy and introverted, qualities that are not a perquisite to PTSD or any other disorder since at the begin he makes clear that he wants friends before he meets Sam and Patrick. Charlie suffers a lot from the death of his aunt Helen which he blames himself for, however, having suffered a traumatic experience caused by the same aunt and by the fact that they had a pretty strong relationship, Charlie represses all memories and thoughts that truly molested by a person he felt so close to. The aspect of being awkward and a freak have been aggravated by the fact that his best friend committed suicide a while ago in 8th grade. Sam suffers low self-esteem; this may be due to the surrounding she’s confined in and the nasty experiences in relationships with boys. She seeks approval hence her engagement in drugs and partying (Bruner 2012). Her step brother Patrick suffers from extreme depression since he is protecting the secret of being gay. He has dealt with bullying and

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