The Fine Art of Baloney Detection

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Name Professor Course Date The Fine Art of Baloney Detection The speech provides an insight into some of the deceptions that humans are susceptible. The text illustrates how humans are susceptible to some of the cultural and social believes such as religious narratives and product marketing (Sagan 1). Sagan reflects on the elements of life after death that is used to give religious believers an aspect of hope of meeting their departed loved ones after their death (Sagan 7). Sagan reminds the readers that such agreeing to such deceptions do not portray people as evil or stupid but should prompt individuals to counter those factious arguments using appropriate and reliable means. Sagan uses irony extensively in the speech to address the tools that people should equip themselves with to overcome detections. The irony is used when she describes the factious deception about life after death. In this case, Sagan does not indicate directly that some of the religious beliefs as deceptions but calls them religious zealotry that humans use to give them hope of eternal life (Sagan 1-5). The other context where irony is used in the text is when he describes the inability of consumers to detect deception in the paid advertisement of products in the society. Sarcasm is used in this context to ensure that the readers are not offended based on the extremity of their religious beliefs. Sagan uses anaphora throughout the text. The first part of the speech uses repetition of "I" to illustrate the author's experience with factious deception after the death of his parents. “I was very close to them. I still miss them. I know I always will. I long to believe that their essence,

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