The federal skilled worker class act

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The Federal Skilled Worker Class Act Name Institution The passage is all about the federal act of the skilled as stipulated in the law subsection 12 (2).The article addresses the issues of qualified labor who are thought to have the ability to reside any place in Canada (Ashkar, 2011). A foreigner citizen qualifies as a skilled worker in Canada if he or she has a working experience of at least one year. Secondly in their period of work, one must have permed all the actions as stipulated in the lead statement in the functional description of the national occupation classification. Thirdly, one has to have performed some of the main as well as the critical duties of the occupation one is applying. Additionally, one has to meet the requirement on the subsection 74(3) of the act whereby one has to submit the evaluation on the performance. The assessment needs to be more than two years on the day of applying for any job in Canada (Ashkar, 2011). Also, one has to be proficient in either English or French languages as required by the article subsection 74(1). Finally, the act requires that the educational credential whether on the Canadian education or a diploma from a foreign whereby the assessment needs to be less than five years basing on the day of the job application. The constitution acts of a given nation are significant as they help in governing the state. The subsection 12(2) of the Canadian Act, assists in regulating the as well as controlling the workers more so those from foreign nations. The act allows the foreigners to be aware of what is needed of them if they are searching for jobs in Canada (Ashkar, 2011). Thus if anyone meets the requirement, he or

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