The economic, political, and social role of LaGuardia Airport

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The Role of LaGuardia Airport Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Economic, social and political roles of the La Guardia airport Airport industry is becoming instrumental in every nation. Unlike other transport industries, airport industry affects all the dimensions of life in every nation. Airport industries influence a country politically, economically and socially. The roles of airports are vital and affect the whole world. This paper would explore the roles of LaGuardia airport. LaGuardia Airport is among the busiest airfields in New York. LaGuardia’s facility is about 280 hectares. The paper examines the social, economic and political roles of LGA to its environment and the United States as a whole. Since the impacts of an airport are international, this paper also highlights on the international roles of LaGuardia airport. Economics Roles LGA is among the top economic generators in New York and parts of New Jersey. LaGuardia airport contributes up to $15.6 Billion in the economy of New York City and the US (La Guardia, 2016). The airport is among the registered taxpayers, which also funds the economic activities in the city of New York. The airport creates direct and indirect employment in the USA. According to LaGuardia data chart of 2015, the airport has employed more than 11,000 citizens. The employees include the pilots, the engineers’ cleaners, securities and attendants among other employees (Humphreys & Ison, 2005). The airport has created about 116, 000 jobs in the United States. These careers are direct while others are indirect. For example, the contracts and direct employment which pays salary. According to La Guardia (2016),

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