The author of the news story, Death Dying and communication are Teresa Thomson and Louis P. Cusella.

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The author of the news story, Death Dying and communication are Teresa Thomson and Louis P. Cusella. The authors have a unique connection to the particular story. It is clearly stated that birth and death are the two most basic things to life and the dying process. However, that notion of essentiality seems like an ordinary thing, it is evident too that many individuals make a lot of effort to evade the authenticity of the impulsiveness of death. The two authors claim that that is somehow understandable because we are all born with a struggle to live for the longest possible. Therefore, it is quite clear that this story is only part of a larger story told by the two authors. One of the main pros of this news story is that it gives assurance that crises are never a guarantee of impending collapse, failure, and death. In fact, the authors state that the occurrence of a crisis can be an expression of strong resistance to a fundamental tendency towards failure. Another pro of this news is that crises can be the mark of response to danger, as well as the struggle against possibilities of collapse. The third advantage is the fact that a crisis is also a prospect. On the other hand, the news story has several cons too. First, it states that what we see as the spontaneity of death is rather a construction that depends on dialect and ethos. Also, the news story seems contradictory as it is stated that a decent life is associated with a respectable demise. These pros and cons are related to chapter four on the idea of reducing the impact of the disaster. Any community ought to take precautionary measure to decrease injury and death. Even though, the understanding that crises can

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