the anaerobic food fermentation used in the dairy

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Anaerobic Food Fermentation Used in the Dairy Research Paper Name Institution Abstract Fermentation refers to an anaerobic process that occurs without necessarily requiring oxygen. The fermentation process existed wrong time ago as human beings fermented some of the foods such as leavened bread, beer, cheese, and wine .most of the industries which deals with dairy products employs anaerobic fermentation for instance in the case of manufacturing cheese, yogurt, and butter. For the process to be effective certain microorganism needs to be present. For example enzymes such as yeasts, leuconostoc, molds, pediococci, and lactobacillus among others. Factors such as temperature, microorganisms, pH control, reactor design, hydrogen pressure, feed C: N ratio and other additives for example surfactants and manure influences anaerobic fermentation. The anaerobic respiration help in the energy release in the absence of oxygen but when it comes to the aerobic fermentation oxygen is a requirement. Thus making the anaerobic fermentation to be the best when it comes to processing of the dairy products. Outline of a research paper on the anaerobic food fermentation used in the dairy Introduction This section will give a brief introduction of the aerobic process. It will show the comparison between aerobic and the anaerobic process of fermentation. It will also clearly show the prevalence anaerobic fermentation in dairy industry rather than the aerobic process. Historical review. This section entails the historical background of the fermentation process. It elaborates on how the fermentation process precedes humanity will Cleary describes how the fermentation has

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