Texas Legislature

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Texas Legislature Student’s Name Course Details Instructor’s Name Date Texas Legislature Senate Member The district numbers for the state of Texas in the House, Senate and Board of Education are 137, 17 and six respectively. Senator Joan Huffman represents the people of Texas as a senator to district 17, senatorial district. Joan was born in 1956; hence she is more than 61 years today as her month of birth is not known. Joan hails from the Texas state. Since first getting elected to serve in the Texas Senate through a special election, Joan is in her 9th year serving as a senator for the 17th district. Senator Huffman earned her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University before attending South Texas College of Law. Joan Huffman has continued to serve the public as a senator from which occupation she gets her daily bread in addition to practicing as an attorney. Senator Joan Huffman serves on a Republican Party ticket since starting her political career in 2008. Senator Joan is married to Keith Lawyer, and she lives with her family in Houston. Strangely, the religion of Senator Joan Huffman is not in the public domain. The hardworking nature of Huffman has landed her several committee memberships. The memberships include finance, state affairs, criminal justice, and committee of Senate legislative committees. Joan has been in the forefront of serving the people of Texas and district 17 especially in protecting rights of victims under the criminal justice system. On a scale of 1-10, Joan scores 9; she is an exemplary woman worth emulating. Attending a day job and undertaking a law degree at night was no mean achievement for Joan; she showcases where

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