Teen Pregnancy

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Teenage pregnancy has been typical in the society. The other term used to describe it is adolescent pregnancy. It is the pregnancy that happens to the female who fall within the age of 20 and who have undergone the process of ovulation. Most of the pregnant teenage experience the same situation just like the other women in the community (Elliot et al 58). The girls that face the dire consequences are those of 15 years and below who have not physically developed to contain the pregnancy during the period. The risks that are associated with the girls who age ranges from 15 to 19 are socio-economic factors as opposed to the biological effects. Most of the teen that give birth during their tender age are prone to the risk of premature labor, anemia and low birth weight of the child (Jones et al 56). In some other area of the world, there are some of the issues that are precipitating the early pregnancy of the girls. The primary one is the social issues such as the level of education, poverty and other negative things that are affecting the girls directly in the society (Taffa, and Francis 18). In most cases, the teenage pregnancy happens outside marriage and can even demean specific issues of the followed culture. In other regions of the developing countries, adolescent pregnancies are acknowledged by the society (Bhandari, Sushila and Sarala 168). The pregnancy of the teenage and their childbearing leads to the long-term effect of the social and economic costs on the side of the society. For instance, it can lead to early school dropout to the victim. There is a need for the community to stand together and fight

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