teen pregnancy

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Name Instructor Course Date Teen Pregnancy The pregnancy in females below the age of 20 is what is popularly known as teenage or adolescent pregnancy. Based on the available statistics, teen pregnancies are on the rise today, most of which are unintended and often lead to abortions, and other precarious healthcare risks. Recent statistics front the USA as the leading nation adolescent pregnancy rates among the western industrialized nations. According to DoSomething.org, 3 out of 10 girls in the U.S. get pregnant before they turn 20, implying that over 750, 000 teens become pregnant each year (n.p). DoSomething.org also connotes that such teen mothers often become pregnant again a few years after the first child. That gives the picture of the society that in which we live today. A society fraught with many helpless teen mothers. Statistics show that more than half of girls who get pregnant at their teens often drop out of school and find it almost impossible to resume education in the long-run. Arai found that over 50 percent of all teen mothers do not finish their high school education (Arai 58). The fortunate ones, however, may get support from their families and friends, as parents of adolescent mother rarely support such adolescent adults because of frustration. However, some learning institutions provide daycare services, which help adolescent mothers finish schooling. Unfortunately, though, many schools do not offer such programs. Therefore, teen pregnancy is a thorn in the society; it is one problem that affects nearly every family, ethnic group, and population on an equal measure. Causes Be that as it may, before delving into the possible solutions to

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