tattoos and piercings: Risks

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Name Professor’s name Unit Date The risks of tattoos and body piercings Introduction The universe is diverse, and likewise, the individuals living in the ever evolving world are differentiated. Some people will not mind having tattoos and piercings on their body while there are those that view these forms of body art negatively. People with body art have particular reasons for getting tattoos or body piercings while others will simply get them because it seems like a trend in the modern world. Having our bodies pierced or tatted might have positive implications, but it is worth noting that there are risks associated with this practice. It has become evident that most people especially the young generations will want to get body art because it is beautiful or it associates them with particular groups without learning about the risks related to such activities. Therefore, before opting to get piercings or tattoos people should be aware of the risks they are likely to expose themselves to enable them hence to make wise decisions regarding the works of art on their bodies. The risks range from health complications to the expense of removing tattoos. Therefore, body piercings and tattoos have a broad spectrum of dangers that people should try to avoid under all circumstances. Health complications Tattoos and body piercings have a broad range of health complications that range from allergic reactions to the spread of infectious diseases during the exercise. Tattoos are images on the skin that are drawn using a variety of dyes that may trigger allergic reactions in different people. People need to be aware of the likelihood of developing allergies after having

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