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Takeaways and Learning Reflection Name Institution Affiliation Part One Analysis of the Video “Why You Will Fail To Have a Great Career” Professor Smith’s presentation explores the reasons as to why one will be unsuccessful in obtaining a great career. According to my analysis of the video, I picked three points that I think are Professor Smith’s main arguments in the presentation. Firstly, he says that people make decisions not to pursue their passion, dreams, and their greatest fascination in their life so as to attain a great career. Therefore, it does not matter how many times people try to advise you on the channel of achieving a great career since you will always look for excuses as to why you will not pursue a great career. Secondly, Smith touches on the people who try to find their passion, but they finally fail due to equating it to interest. Thus, he claims that passion is beyond interest and one needs to look for alternatives so as to find their destiny. Lastly, Professor Smith talks of those people who find their passion but still end up failing in attaining a great career. He claims that the individuals who fall under this group fail because they value human relationships than accomplishments. Therefore, they would prefer having great friends, a great spouse, great parents and great children for pursuing a great career. Personally, I uphold the three points presented by Professor Smith. On the first point, many scholars have failed to attain their great careers because they make decisions not to pursue their passion despite being given pieces of advice on the channels to follow for them to attain their greatest dreams successfully. People

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