Standardized testing and shadow education

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Name Instructors’ name Course Date Standardized Test and Shadow Education The standardized test has been the pillar of the education system for a considerable long period. The test measures the student’s progress with consideration of their education journey. It can be described to be an examination that is comprised of equal items that can be replicated all over a domain of students probably with brief multiple choice questions which can be cheaply and easily scored with the help of a machine (Zambeta & Asimina, n.p). It is argued that the standardized test is undermining the America’s ability of imagination, innovators, and critical thinkers by the teaching to test tactic. Shadow education has been given devotion in many households in East Asia. The tutoring participates in student’s performance; however, it exacerbates and maintains social inequalities that divert resources from other uses. Moreover, it contributes to ineffectiveness in the education system. The standardized tests influenced shadow education Methodology The district schools used are from (Michigan State). Moreover, the exam score used was the tenth-grade in the data set. The reason is that the tenth-grade exam score determines whether a student graduates from high school or not. The data spans from 2013 to 2014 school year to 2015 to 2016, a time frame that can encompass as many school districts as it can. Much of the information on the years before 2013 was not available as per the time and was collected from the (office of superintendent of public instruction: Washington State report card data files). Many of the students were available for one interview that they answered well

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