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Solving Ethical Dilemmas Name Institution Abstract There are several cases where people find themselves in ethical dilemmas. To find the solution to the ethical challenge, moral reasoning is essential and involves assessing the issue base on Davis’ Seven Step Guide for Ethical Decision-Making. On the other hand, sexism at the workplace has been a trending issue in most sectors of the economy. The worst hit has been the workplace, and despite the efforts to end the problem, several workplaces have also been hit. In this context we look at a scenario that took place some years back at my former workplace; there were two people involved in sexism, they were my close friends. It was noted that they were continually making sexist comments and it was almost time that the rest of the workers go fed up with them and reported them to the Human Resource Manager for further actions. I noticed that they had no idea their phrases were sexist and they were making people in the workplace uncomfortable. I decide to request for time from the coworkers that wanted to report them and have a chat with them. However, the challenge was that they were very close friends and they might not take my advice seriously and were likely to react aggressively to my accusations. Also, I could not forward them to any senior office because they will be suspended if not fired from their jobs. Keywords: sexism, workplace Solving Ethical Dilemmas Read and evaluate the Davis’ Seven Step Guide for Ethical Decision-Making. Moral reasoning is a significant factor when it comes to behaving ethically where at a workplace, school or any social gathering. To demonstrate strong ethical behavior and

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