Sociology revised 2

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Although individuals are unique, we are also affected and shaped by the society. One fundamental aspect of social life is “social interaction.” It is the ways people act and react to the way other people act. A person’s behavior is normally influenced by certain social forces and structures on the people’s lives. Socialization normally results from people’s social interactions. The paper provides a sociological analysis of certain aspects of the life of Theodore Roosevelt, who is a historical figure. It focuses on how his early childhood interactions, interactions in the military and his social class shaped his presidency. Based on nomothetic reasoning, Roosevelt’s life can be explained by certain sociological theories such as symbolic-interaction theory and functionalism. The theories are critical in identifying general patterns and examining social causes. The life stories of people normally unfold in a particular social and historical context, and the biography is shaped by that context. Roosevelt was born to socialite parents who were also wealthy and were considered as among the upper class. It is likely that his social class and wealth also plaid a role in shaping his presidency. The family trips abroad, including trips in Egypt in 1872 and Europe in 1869 shaped his cosmopolitan perspectives (Milkis N.p). Hiking with the family in 1869 helped him realize that he could keep his father’s pace. He discovered the significant benefits of physical exertion to bolster his spirit and minimize his asthma. He was determined to pursue his political ambitions. Based on chapter 6 of Barkan’s text,

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