Sociology of Aging

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Sociology of Aging Name Institution Affiliation Sociology of Aging What are the gender differences among older adults, especially in terms of health and well-being? Gender prevails as a determinant of health and well-being among older adults. Moreover, it is an essential aspect of the framework that assists in the comprehension of why older women and men have variations in their health in addition to highlighting the significance (Hooyman, 2014). Primarily, the gender differences among older women and men are apparent from the element of acquisition and reception of healthcare services. Older women experience the adverse effects of the gender differences as indicated by their poorer health statures and augmented levels of chronic diseases as compared to men (Hooyman, 2014). On the other hand, the elderly women are subject to chronic conditions with limited fatalness, augmented the presence of limitations in functionality, disability, and comorbidities as compared to males. Moreover, this difference in gender health and wellbeing aggravates as they grow older. Still, there are other aspects that allude to additional gender differences among the older adults (Hooyman, 2014). For instance, older women of color experience worsened health and wellbeing due to limited healthcare and restrained access to services during their early ages. Secondly, as compared to men, women receive more LTSS services. According to Hooyman (2014), statistics show that 73% of people in nursing homes are women, which is comparable to the 67% of women using home healthcare administrations. Additionally, 79% of women over 65 years require long-term care for up to an estimated 3.7 years.

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